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Please visit my new blog

Please visit my new blog, for my latest posts. Thanks! I’m keeping this one here for┬áposterity. Advertisements

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Another biz post: Setting up a tech consultancy in San Francisco

Here’s another post from my business blog! Thats right, for those of who who don’t know, I’m no longer at Google … Image credits: Remixed from JD Lasica’s original. Having just set up a tech consultancy, I’m pleased to confirm … Continue reading

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My new business blog

I’ve setup a new blog for my freelance UX research consultancy business. I’ll still keep posting personal stuff on travel, Hundi, inane stuff here. However, posts related to technology, user experience, usability and other “serious stuff” will be over … Continue reading

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Why I don’t believe facebook’s 500M users

Well, to be concise its not the number, but are they really claiming 500M people?

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Locals and Tourists #1: London

Locals and Tourists #1 (GTWA #2): London Originally uploaded by Eric Fischer Fantastic visualization of where geotagged photos are upload from, for two groups: (1) locals in blue, (2) tourists in red.

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Springcleaning my Mac (before it turns into a PC)

Today was spring-clean day for my dear ol’ Mac. Over the past few months, my Macbook has started to slow down, showing the spinning wheel of dayglow colours more and more often. My hard drive is getting full. Firefox keeps … Continue reading

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Travel tips: the Chilean and Argentinian Lake Districts

This is the first of several long-delayed posts of tips from our trip to South America in 2009. Here I cover our visit to the Chilean and Argentinian Lake Districts. We flew into Bariloche from Patagonia, rented a car, and … Continue reading

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Joern Gause 1972-2009, father, best friend, lover of life, SuperJoern

One of my best friends died in June. Randomly, from meningitis. Out of the blue. He was healthy, young, and living life to the full. He was born and bred, in East Germany, in Bismark, just west of Berlin. He … Continue reading

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Rome in 2 days with as many hills and as few tourists as possible

Rome in 2 days? Sounds like a rush … however, the news is it can be done. And you needn’t spend all day “gladiating” tourist hordes in the Colliseum. Neighbourhoods with fewer tourists: Trastavere “west of the river” (Google Maps) … Continue reading

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Mount Sutro saunter

I’d often wondered about the accessibility of Mount Sutro (207m), one of the 7 hills of San Francisco. Seen from afar, it looked enticing – thickly wooded slopes rising up in the middle of the city. However, on maps it … Continue reading

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