My new business blog

I’ve setup a new blog for my freelance UX research consultancy business. I’ll still keep posting personal stuff on travel, Hundi, inane stuff here. However, posts related to technology, user experience, usability and other “serious stuff” will be over there.

Sneak Preview:  The anti-social uses of highly social check-in sites

My first post discusses how location-based “checkin” social networks can provide a useful personal history of your journey around the physical world – for one’s own use. Thats right, this most social of web applications can act as a personal information management tool for the most anti-social and introverted of people. I discuss why I find this useful (in addition to the social side of things) and how to extract your history foursquare into your personal calendar. Read on here.

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3 Responses to My new business blog

  1. new info says:

    Great Blog. Want to Link Exchange? Thank you

  2. webbigest says:

    good article thank you

  3. john says:

    Hi, i have read the PIM content, it is great,but just update to July 2003. Do you have some new research about this? could you share it with us. thanks a lot.

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