Mount Sutro saunter

I’d often wondered about the accessibility of Mount Sutro (207m), one of the 7 hills of San Francisco. Seen from afar, it looked enticing – thickly wooded slopes rising up in the middle of the city. However, on maps it always tended to be marked “UCSF” so I assumed it was private university land.

I was really happy when a friend told me there were paths up there, and sure enough, there are lots thanks to the folk at Nature in the City who have been clearing paths (volunteer details here). We hiked up there on a Sunday in June and didn’t meet a soul in the lush Eucalyptus woods.

The only downside is the lack of view from the top. Those Eucalyptus trees are just too tall. But its still well worth the trip.

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One Response to Mount Sutro saunter

  1. Nicely done! It’s a good little hike.

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