New book on Personal Information Management

I’m excited to blog about a new book on Personal Information Management from MIT Press which summarizes a lot of recent research in the field, “Beyond the Desktop Metaphor – Designing Integrated Digital Work Environments“.

Beyond the Desktop Metaphor

I’m especially excited since I co-authored a chapter with Victor Kaptelinin of Umea University in Sweden in which we discuss 2 academic systems which explore the potential of improving integration between PIM tools. One of which is WorkspaceMirror, a lil’ sideline which kept me awake at night for a few years of Phd-dom.

So, whats in the book?

  1. Introduction: The Desktop Metaphor and New Uses of Technology – Victor Kaptelinin and Mary Czerwinski
  2. Beyond Lifestreams – The Inevitable Demise of the Desktop Metaphor – Eric Freeman and David Gelernter
  3. Haystack – Per-User Information Environments Based on Semistructured Data – David R. Karger
  4. Explorations in Task Management on the Desktop – George Robertson, Greg Smith, Brian Meyers, Patrick Baudisch, Mary Czerwinski, Eric Horvitz, Daniel Robbins and Desney Tan
  5. Personal Role Management – Overview and a Design Study of Email for University Students – Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman; Assisted by H. Ross Baker, Nicolas B. Duarte, Aydin Haririnia, Dawn E. Klinesmith, Leonid A. Velikovich, Alfred O. Wanga and Matthew J. Westhoff
  6. Soylent and ContactMap – Tools for Constructing the Social Workscape – Danyel Fisher and Bonnie A. Nardi
  7. Supporting Activity in Desktop and Ubiquitous Computing – Stephen Voida, Elizabeth Mynatt and Blair MacIntyre
  8. From Desktop Task Management to Ubiquitous Activity-Based to Computing – Jakob E. Bardram
  9. Users’ Theories of the Desktop Metaphor, or Why We Should Seek Metaphor-Free InterfacesVincent Tscherter and Pamela Ravasio
  10. Toward Integrated Work Environments – Application-Centric versus Workspace-Level Design – Victor Kaptelinin and Richard Boardman
  11. Beyond the Desktop Metaphor in Seven Dimensions – Thomas P. Moran and Shumin Zhai

More details, and a sample chapter c/o MIT press.

Want to buy a copy? Make me a few cents with Amazon Affiliates: Buy Beyond the Desktop Metaphor: Designing Integrated Digital Work Environments

Beyond the Desktop Metaphor
Designing Integrated Digital Work Environments
Edited by Victor Kaptelinin and Mary Czerwinski
With contributions by H. Ross Baker, Jacob E. Bardman, Patrick Baudisch, Richard Boardman, Richard Boardman, Mary Czerwinski, Nicolas B. Duarte, Danyel Fisher, Eric Freeman, David Gelernter, Aydin Haririnia, Eric Horvitz, Victor Kaptelinin, David R. Karger, Dawn E. Klinesmith, Hannah Lee, Blair MacIntyre, Brian Meyers, Thomas P. Moran, Elizabeth Mynatt, Bonnie A. Nardi, Catherine Plaisant, Pamela Ravasio, Daniel Robbins, George Robertson, Ben Shneiderman, Greg Smith, Desney Tan, Vincent Tscherter, Leonid A. Velikovich, Stephen Voida, Alfred O. Wanga, Matthew J. Westhoff and Shumin Zhai

April 2007
6 x 9, 400 pp., 65 illus.
$35.00/£21.95 (CLOTH)
ISBN-10: 0-262-11304-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-262-11304-5

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2 Responses to New book on Personal Information Management

  1. Danish says:

    … i have been working on my Masters thesis inspired by your PhD work, mainly in context of Semantic Desktop, it is interesting to know about the book release, won’t miss the chance to pour my time into it. Thanks for blogging.

  2. leo says:

    Hi Richard, Danish has pinged me to the book, and I found that I already was looking at your website a day ago, and that Mary has told me to buy the book in Jan 2005 … SO I ORDERED IT TODAY!

    only that I clicked the wrong link, I ordered at MIT press, I owe you a beer, which I would gladly invest if we could ever chat.

    read on here:

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