Shareslides with SlideShare (but not on hosted wordpress …)


Congrats to my pals Jon and Rashmi for the launch of their latest baby, SlideShare, which allows you to :

  • Publish presentations online (be they produced in Powerpoint, Open Office, Keynote … ) by embedding in any website via a funky flash player (but see below – it does not work in hosted wordpress)
  • Collaborate with readers via the ability to tag presentations and place comments on individual slides.

Its been great watching Jon and Rashmi work on this project over recent months, and for it to finally come to fruition. Its already catching a lot of attention and has been called the “Youtube of powerpoint”, “The bastard lovechild of Youtube and Powerpoint” and “Bore the world of presentations” …

Cheers guys! – and I love the Bollywood server names!

Appendix: come on – please support embeddable slideshare on your hosted blogs!
Slideshare allows you to embed a flash-based viewer to play your preso in any webpage with an embeddable object tag:

<object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” …

However, this breaks in hosted wordpress in the same way that embedded youtube code breaks. WordPress published a fix for youtube. How about the same for slideshare, guys?

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