Quality (FM) radio in the Bay Area

I’ve just had to go through the most troublesome part of getting a new car (until you get your first scratch) – tuning the radio. Here are my essential stations for (1) avoiding ads, (2) getting good music, (3) learning what is going on beyond PST. Kudos to Mor, silentway, sfgate, andrea for their guiding light.


  • KQED – NPR San Francisco (88.5)
    Lots of quality news and talk during the week. Deteriorates into 24 hour prairie home companion as far as I can tell at the weekend
  • KALW – alt.NPR San Francisco (91.7)
    Lots of overlap with KQED, with benefits of occasional music (KQED is all talk), extreme leftism (for the US), BBC at random times, and less PHC.
  • KPFA – alt. NPR Berkeley (94.1/89.3)
    Apparently an “East Bay KALW”

College Radio

One of the joys of living in America …

  • KUSF – San Francisco Uni (90.3)
  • KALX – Berkeley Uni (90.7)
  • KZSU – Stanford Uni (90.1)
  • KFJC – Foothill De Anza Community College (89.7)

Other specialist music stations

  • KCSM – Jazz, San Mateo (91.1)
    Truly smooth.
  • KFDC – Classical, San Francisco (102.1)
    A good cure for road rage, even with the ads.

Notable mention

  • KFOG – Alternative rock, (104.5, 97.7)
    OK, so forget it in rush hour, but its pretty listenable at the weekend. Also 10 at 10 (both AM and PM) is good and commercial-free.


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4 Responses to Quality (FM) radio in the Bay Area

  1. rashmi says:

    thats a great list! Just when i was thinking you had given up on blogging…

  2. Mor says:

    Ha! Glad you’re enjoying. If you haven’t noticed, KZSU Stanford has a kick-ass website, live playlists, album reviews (no bull! no BSG!) and more…

  3. Mor says:

    Something is wrong with my KZSU link (or my html skills).

    Here it is again:

  4. Donal says:

    “KQED… deteriorates into 24 hour prairie home companion as far as I can tell at the weekend”

    Whaaaaaat? PHC is the best radio show around! Garrison Keillor rulez!

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